"I really enjoyed my lessons with Steve. He's a very calm and patient guy but really knows his stuff so if I ever made a mistake we would discuss it, work out how I could do it differently and then practice to improve and perfect.

We'd always recap the previous lesson and discuss what we were going to work on at the start of each lesson and then review at the end and decide what areas I needed to continue to improve which we'd then use as the basis for the next lesson. I think this really helped me to progress at a speed that I felt comfortable with.

I'm really made up that I passed today with only two faults. Nice one Steve, I couldnt have done it without you!"

Hari Cawthorne - Passed at Rochdale DTC - July 2024

"My lessons with Steve were always well structured and thought out. he was always polite and would immediately help me to correct any mistakes and work on areas I needed to improve.

The car was also really lovely to drive!

All the best Steve in your career as a driving instructor."

Matthew Grosvenor - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - July 2024

"Steve is a fantastic instructor!

His teaching is spot on. he is calm and doesn't get angry or shout. He's given me lots of confidence.

I'm so happy that today I've passed my test, I couldn't have done this without Steve.

I would highly recommend him to others.

I'll miss our weekly lessons and laughs!"

Lisa Seymour - Passed at Chadderton DTC - May 2024

"Thank you so much!

Steve is very helpful and patient. Lessons were very good and well thought out. He always asked me what I wanted to work on at the start of the lesson and recapped the previous lesson. The feedback at the end of lessons was also good and really helped."

Rosanna Tye - Passed at Chadderton DTC - March 2024

"Steve is very patient, helpful and knowledgeable.

Highly recommend!"

Gabrielle Norcliffe - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - March 2024

"Steve is an amazing instructor, so calm and helpful. He knew I was anxious all the way through and helped me withg my nerves.

Steve went over the lessons to help me take it all in. If I struggled with anything we'd keep going over it until the penny dropped.

I struggled with forward bay parking and Steve really helped me get the hang of it. 

I really appreciate everything that he has taught me."

Charlotte Spink - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - February 2024

"Steve has been my instructor for this last year and has been very patient during this time. I cannot recommend him enough, not only for his patience but the range of skills he teaches. He covers everything so that you are most prepared on your test day.

Highly recommend!"

Jessica Marshall - Passed at Chadderton DTC - January 2024

"Steve is a very good instructor, very patient and also very clear with insructions.

He's easy to get along with, this guy really knows his stuff!

I would highly recommend doing your driving lessons with him. He made me a very confident driver.

All the best with future students - what a guy!"

Tom Wood - Passed at Chadderton DTC - January 2024

"My lessons were always well thought out and delivered, they were also really enjoyable. Any and all feedback that Steve gave was constructive and helpful. 

I always looked forward to my lessons and overall I really enjoyed learning to drive with Steve's help."

Patrick McGuinness - First time pass as Rochdale DTC - December 2023

"I found Steve really easy to get along with and he has some really helpful tips when you get to difficult parts. I really liked how he let me take control when we were planning my lessons and helped me to target the areas needing most attention.

I also really liked the car, it was very nice to drive!

I will be recommending Steve in the future."

Josh Powell - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - November 2023

"Steve is a very patient driving instructor who gives good, constructive feedback without making you feel less confident. The lessons are always well structured and very productive.

I would recommend Steve as an instructor. I have enjoyed learning with him, he has really helped me to progress."

Debbie Jones - Passed at Chadderton DTC - October 2023

"I think Steve has really helped me with my confidence. He teaches in a friendly manner that calms nerves and allows you to practice as many times as you need until you feel assured in yourself.

He's an excellent instructor who provides you with all the knowledge you need to pass. Thank you Steve, couldn't have done it without you!"

Leah Abbott - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - October 2023

"Steve is a very calm and chilled instructor, but very well informed and always helped me to improve my driving through different experiences, working on areas that I needed to improve and encouraging me all the way.

I always looked forward to my lessons. Each one was well structured with a defined plan and a thorough debrief at the end to agree on progress and areas for further improvement. I think this helped me to develop at a speed that I was comfortable with.

I struggled quite a lot with my theory test. Steve helped me a lot with this.

I'm really pleased to have achieved a first time pass with only 3 faults and highly recommend Steve to anyone who is wanting to learn to drive."

Jack Timms - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - September 2023

"Working with Steve was fantastic from day one. I was such a nervous learner, couldn't even steer the wheel, always forgetting to switch to Eco mode at the start of the lesson.

He is such an encouraging and confident instructor that even after 8 hours with him on the road I was feeling a lot more confident about my driving.

Test nerves were the worst, however with how confident and encouraging Steve was with me I managed to pass my test first time with zero faults!"

Mulundu Muyaba - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - August 2023

"Steve was very helpful in helping me to achieve a first  time pass! Thank you very much for your patience and encouragement."

Evie Gallagher - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - August 2023

"Steve has given me a comfortable and enjoyable experience learning to drive. He has always altered his teaching to suit my learning style which has made every lesson we do helpul.

Thank you Steve!"

Ellen McCoy - Passed at Chadderton DTC - June 2023

"Steve is a calm and patient instructor and he helped me to boost my confidence as a learner.

I found the de-briefs at the end of each lesson incredibly helpful by helping me to keep track of my progress week by week.

Steve allowed me to tailor each lesson to suit what I needed to focus on which really helped me to perfect areas that I struggled with.

I'd 100% recommend Steve as an instructor."

Jess Roberts - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - May 2023

"Steve's calm approach to teaching allowed me to perform the the best of my ability.

The lesson plans are suited to what works best for the student, allowing it to be most beneficial.

If it wasn't for Steve, I would be no where near as confident driving as I am now. I would definately recommend him to anyone wanting to learn how to drive.

I have really enjoyed my lessons with Steve. There was never any pressure which allowed me to feel comfortable at all times. Steve's teaching methods and advice was one of the biggest things that helped me to pass first time.

I am really grateful to Steve and actually quite sad my lessons have come to an end."

Jemma Cawley - First time  pass at Chadderton DTC - March 2023

"Brilliant driving instructor.

Well structured lessons.

Steve was calm whenever I made any serious mistakes. Whenever I made these mistakes in my lessons we worked on them straight away to try and rectify them.

After every lesson we reflected on what I had done well and what I needed to improve. This time to reflect was very beneficial to me as I completely understood which area needed to be improved.

The reflection at the end of each lesson also saved some time at the start of the next lesson as I already knew what was planned and what we were going to work on.

The GoRoadie app was also useful because I could refer to it when understanding what I needed to work on in the next lesson."

Leon Davies - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - March 2023

"Steve has been brilliant throughout all my driving lessons. He has been patient and given me all the tools I needed to pass.

I would 100% recommend Steve to anyone.

Thank you!"

Tammy Stent - Passed at Rochdale DTC - February 2023

"Steve's methods were very thorough and lessons were well structured with a plan then debrief at the end with time to reflect and identify areas for improvement. I found Steve to be very patient and helpful.

10/10, would recommend".

Alex Oldham - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - February 2023

"I really enjoyed my lessons with Steve. He was very patient and explained all aspects of driving in a way I could follow.

As a nervous driver he really helped me a lot, especially in the run up to my test.

I would highly recommend Steve for anyone wanting to learn."

Rebecca Jones - Passed at Chadderton DTC - February 2023

"Steve has been amazing at teaching me how to drive. He explains situations clearly and always answered my questions. He has increased my confidence with driving and each lesson was well structured with a plan and a debrief at the end. This really helps you to focus on what you can improve and gives you time to reflect"

Alex Roberts - Passed at Chadderton DTC - February 2023

"Steve is a great instructor who I highly recommend to new or beginner drivers. He teaches really well and makes you feel super at ease!"

Troy Cheetham - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - January 2023

"Steve is a very patient driving instructor who makes every lesson a focus on progressing to get you to the right spot to pass your test!

I could not have asked for a better instructor to pass my test with."

Leila Hodgson-Meredith - Passed at Chadderton DTC - January 2023

"I have really really enjoyed my driving lessons with Steve. He has really helped my confidence being behind the wheel. I never thought that I would be able to tell people that I passed first time!"

"Steve ensured that safe driving methods were implemented throughout which I will keep with me forever. I could not recommend enough."

Emily Carter - First time pass at Rochdale DTC - December 2022

"A good instructor that will keep you safe whilst you learn to drive with good knowledge of the test route so you can be well practised on the key areas known to cause difficulty."

Michael Payne - Passed at Chadderton DTC - December 2022

"Steve has helped me a great amount. Having had several instructors in the past, I managed to pass with only him! He was good at managing my great anxiety and adapted well to my learning style. We both put a lot of time and effort into this and it worked out well in the end.

Lessons were well planned and structured; a good professional instructor who I highly recommend!"

Sana Ahmed - Passed at Chadderton DTC - December 2022

"The way Steve explains everything is very simple to understand. This meant that when I came to practice specific things, I didn't feel stressed because I already had a good understanding of what I should be doing.

As I visual learner I found the apps that Steve used on his iPad really hepled, particularly when I first started driving.

Steve is a very nice man in general and I highly recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive. He has helped me a lot."

Thomas Stowers - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - October 2022

"Absolutely brilliant instructor. It has taken many instructors to get the right one and Steve is your guy. Probably would've passed sooner if I had found him first! Highly recommend."

Claire - Passed at Chadderton DTC - September 2022

"Steve is extremely calm and his energy allows you to relax. He thoroughly explains anything you need and allows you time to grasp manoeuvres and goes through all questions that may be asked.

I have had a great experience learning with Steve."

Alina Merhi - Passed at Huddersfield DTC - August 2022

"I have really enjoyed my lessons with Steve, he helped me become comfortable when I was driving and allowed me to take each area of driving at my own pace, whilst also doing each lesson in the way I would do each procedure in a test situation. This helped me to prepare for my test making sure I could do everything correctly that could come up on the test.

When I first started driving it was in the local area which gave me more confidence to get things right which I think then helped me later on when we moved on to places that I didn't know as well."

Lewis Brown - First time pass at Rochdale DTC - August 2022

"I started driving lessons a good number of years ago as a teenager, however, I did not enjoy them and I stopped. I decided to try to learn again as a more mature adult but was very nervous. Steve put me at ease from the start and he gave me the confidence to believe in myself. 

Every lesson was well planned with clear objectives, and time was given for reflection, discussion and next steps. I always felt listened to and valued, and I felt that I was learning and making progress with each lesson. Steve was calm and professional throughout and he struck the right balance between pushing me on and ensuring that I always felt in control. 

I am delighted to have passed my test (first time) with only 3 minor faults. Steve has been a fantastic instructor and I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thanks Steve!"


Hayley Hanson - First time pass at Rochdale DTC - July 2022

"Steve is a brilliant driving instructor. He was very supportive and kind during my lessons. The resources he used also really helped me a lot.

The review and reflection at the end of each lesson really helped me improve week after week and I am really grateful for that.

My favourite aspect of the lessons was when I got to drive on the motorway because this will help me a lot in the future.

I have come a long way since I started my lessons and I have him to thank for it."

Callum McMullen - Passed at Chadderton DTC - July 2022

"Steve has been a fantastic instructor who has thoroughly prepared me for my driving test.

Steve has been great fun to drive with and always remains calm and supportive."

Josh Bruce - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - July 2022

"From the very start Steve has made me feel very calm and comfortable while driving. He always gives clear instructions which are easy to understand. Steve is very knowledgeable about driving which helped me to progress easily.

After not driving for three months I was unsure about doing my test but Steve encouraged me to take it and gave me confidence in my ability. I'm glad I listened to his advice as I passed.

Overall Steve is a really good Instructor and I would highly recommend him to anyone. His whole process from start to finish within the lessons is excellent. 

Really appreciate the help from Steve and I wish him all the best for his future as an instructor."

Jake Chadwick - First time pass at Rochdale DTC - June 2022

"A great driving instructor and couldn’t recommend him more. As a nervous driver he always made me feel more confident and calm. I never felt pressured or rushed into learning things and he tailored his lessons around what I needed. Somehow I managed to pass first time, which was definitely due to Steve’s approach to teaching. Will always be extremely grateful and would recommend him to anyone."

Ross Pearce - First time pass at Rochdale DTC - April 2022

"I came to Steve for lessons after not having lessons for a few years. Steve taught me better and simpler ways to carry out manoeuvres. He was patient, polite and respectful. I am waiting to be diagnosed with Autism. I more than recommend Steve to anyone who wants to learn to drive. I can’t put in to words everything Steve has done and taught me in a short period of time. I passed with only two driver faults for which I can only say thank you and it still wouldn’t be enough. Once again, thank you so much for everything you have done and taught me."

Kian Murphy - First time pass at Hyde DTC - April 2022

"Steve is a very knowledgeable instructor. I felt very confident in taking in the feedback he was giving and I felt very safe whilst driving. I really appreciated how the lessons were based on how I was feeling to ensure I always felt the most comfortable and confident which in turn enabled me to progress well as I was being challenged to the correct extent. I also feel the lessons were very well structured to enable me to gain the most from each one. I particularly liked how we would have a debrief at the end of each lesson to help me to reflect on what could be improved as well as what had gone well, allowing us to then structure the next lesson appropriately."

Ella-Marie Atkinson - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - March 2022

"I have been learning to drive for more years than I care to remember! When I started my lessons with Steve I was lacking in confidence and doubted my ability to ever pass my driving test. Steve is patient, calm, professional and knowledgeable. Each lesson has a clear focus, with an opportunity to reflect on what went well and to consider which skill(s) we wanted to tackle during the next lesson. Passing my driving test will have such a positive impact on my family, and life in general. Thank you to Steve for giving me the confidence to believe that I could do it!"

Sophie Francis - Passed at Rochdale DTC - February 2022

"Very impressed with the whole learning experience with Steve, Very informative and a lot of information provided all the way through. Very accommodating with evening and weekend lessons which suited me as I work six days a week. I will be recommending Steve in the future to family and friends."

Daniel Shephard - Passed at Rochdale DTC - January 2022

Converting to a UK Licence

"I can warmly recommend Steve as a great driving instructor. I came to Steve as a driver of 20 years from Australia needing to learn manual transmission, learn the specifics of British driving and British road rules. Steve was able to swiftly assess my skill level, and focus in on the areas that needed work. I enjoyed his goal-oriented approach to teaching, as well as his friendly, calm demeanour. He was also able to provide some flexibility on lesson times; a huge help to someone like me with a young family. Thanks a bunch, Steve."

Michael Thrift - passed at first attempt in UK - December 2021

"Steve has been a very patient and helpful instructor. All my lessons have taught me how to drive safely whilst being fun which will come in really useful for my future driving, thank-you!" 

Charlotte Scott - Passed at Rochdale DTC - December 2021

"Steve has been brilliant; where to start? I am a very nervous student and Steve has reassured me all the way through my learning. Steve has always gone above and beyond in making me a more confident driver and to believe in myself. Back in September 2020 I never thought I would ever be able to drive a car. I went to a 1 hour lesson to see if I liked it and never looked back. The lockdown knocked my confidence a little but after being reassured that I can do it I was back on track to this day when I passed my test! All I can say is a massive thank you Steve!!"

Louise Abbott - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - November 2021

"Steve is a fantastic instructor. All lessons were well detailed, thought out and efficient. He was very patient when I was struggling and I could see visible improvements in my driving each time a lesson ended. Steve was very relaxed when dealing with busier scenarios and kept a cool and level head which helped me greatly. Overall I had a fantastic experience every time I went out on a lesson. Thank you Steve!" 

Jack Wilson - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - October 2021

“All credit goes to Steve for helping me to remain calm and overcome my fear of the road. He was a calming influence and made sure I was confident enough to pass my test.”

Daniel Eastwood - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - June 2021

“Steve has always given me the confidence to drive safely and appropriately and always made me feel good about my driving skills.  I can’t thank Steve enough for everything he’s done; really top man and a joy to have as a mentor. Highly recommended!”

Oscar Lucas - First time pass at Rochdale DTC - May 2021

“I highly recommend Steve as a driving tutor. He has a good manner and I found I could learn a lot. I feel that I have learned more with Steve in the past 3 months than I learned in the previous 12 months with other instructors. Steve is very calm and collected and I found I learned quickly from my errors in a very safe environment.  Thank you very much to Steve as through his patience and teaching I now feel ready for the road and future ahead!”

Ann Marie Hughes - Passed at Chadderton DTC - December 2020

"Steve is a brilliant instructor - talkative, friendly and supportive as well as being relaxed, calm and clear when giving instructions.  I will be strongly recommending Steve to friends and family."

Emma Woodhead - First time pass at Chadderton DTC - October 2020